Our Curriculum

Through constant innovation & years of experience in early child care & education, we ensure the right balance of stimulation and age appropriate learning in every child. We follow Xseed curriculum (http://xseededucation.com) on a mission to transform education globally, from rote to learning from telling to teaching.Orange Buds Preschool curriculum is a researched syllabus which is an eclectic mixture of outcome, objective, play and inquiry based learning approaches. Designed by curriculam experts,  we provide comfortable, safe, friendly and encouraging environment where kids are treated as an individual and allowed freedom to explore and grow with the confidence. Give your child an opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy his childhood.

Indoor and Outdoor learning/play

  • Locomotor movements – Walking, running, jumping
  • Gross Motor – Catching, kicking, throwing
  • Fine motor – colouring, beading, lacing, sorting
  • Stability movements – balancing, dodging, starting, stopping
  • Set curricular pattern with day to day schedule


Creative development

  • Art, craft, music and movements, shadow show
  • Dramatic play
  • Role play, puppet show, enactments
  • Sand play
  • Clay works
  • Colour days


Domains of Development

  • Gross and fine motor skill
  • Cognitive
  • Linguistic
  • Socio-emotional
  • Tactile
  • Aesthetic approciation
  • Eye-hand coordination



Playing and learning are inextricably linked. We help our young learners to explore and discover their own thoughts with the help of events and activities. We have orientation programs, celebration of religious festivals, movie shows, various workshops etc. They explore their outside world with sports meet and field trips and many more. We make sure that every event will have a joyful experience for your kid.


Various Activities

  • Orientation Programme
  • Celebration of all major festivals and special days celebrated across the GLOBE
  • Various parental workshops
  • Let’s sing together
  • Sports meet
  • Educational Trips
  • Nature walk
  • Dramatic field trip plays
  • Footage archives
  • Parent child activities
  • Taste bud stimulatory activities
  • Hand on experience on sensory organs
  • Annual Concert
  • Graduation Day


We are available on all mediums of communication with parents. Mobile and online devices are used to share the notices, updates and all the important information to the parents. We are dedicated to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the wonderful children interested in our care. We are fully equipped with CCTV.