Play Group ( 1.5+ yrs )

Play Group  is a basic foundation for learning. In playgroup, we ensure that every child develops the love for learning, gets to know that school is fun and looks forward to come to school. Our playgroup curriculum focuses on hands-on discovery and exploration through play. The activities at playgroup engage our children physically , emotionally, socially and intellectually help them develop language skills. The children are taken in an organised manner through the day to be able to give them a sense of routine to help them settle in a new environment.

This program aims at kids aged from 18 months to 30 months.


MORNING BATCH :      9.30 AM TO 12 Noon

Pre KG ( 2.5+ years)

In Pre-KG, we take the children ahead on the path of learning by building more on their basic concepts from the previous session. We ensure that every child is exposed to essential life skills like creativity, curiosity, imagination and exploration etc. Our nursery curriculum focuses on concept building where we give them concrete experiences so that it becomes easy for them to observe. Along with the concept building, we also hone their ability to communicate, express, comprehend, analyse and act accordingly. Our age appropriate activities ensures the readiness of every child for kindergarten.

This programs aims at kids aged from 2.6 to 3.6 years.


MORNING BATCH :      9.30 AM TO 12.30pm

Junior KG ( 3.5+ years)

In Junior-KG, the curriculum aims at building on the already existing foundation through designed activities, adding on more concepts to enable them to relate to their environment and their growing world. Through this exposure, children learn more advanced concepts which in turn enhances their language skills, hones their gross and fine motor skills, develops their social and emotional skills and builds on their intellectual skills.

Senior KG ( 4.5+ years)

Our Senior-KG curriculum is designed to prepare the child for success in formal school. A variety of activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, awareness of self, others and the environment around, music and movement, stories and puppet theatre etc in a structure and planned manner. Through these activities, children learn the alphabets and letters sounds, numbers and simple math and also begin with writing and reading. They are equipped and prepared for a smooth transition to the formal school.


MORNING BATCH :      9.30 AM TO 2.00pm

Day Care

Our day-care has been designed with great care to give our little ones a feeling of being home.

Our day care staff members are trained personnel who leave no stone unturned to make your child feel happy, comfortable, safe and at home.

At Orange Buds day-care, our focus is on the child’s holistic development needs. Each day begins with a variety of age appropriate interesting fun filled activities.

Special Classes

We also conduct special classes like handwriting, cursive writing, drawing, coloring, arts & crafts at various times throughout the year.

Call us to find out the exact class schedule and details of these specials.